Ogallala, NE Real Estate

There are plenty of cookie-cutter homes for sale in Ogallala, NE, but if you’re looking to buy something truly unique, the old school building in Brule is a stand-alone, one-of-a-kind property. When John and Jennifer Shipp bought the old building, it was literally filled to the ceiling with trash from the previous owners. By hand, they carried two tons of trash out of the building before they were able to get started renovating the building. That was in 2008 and by 2016, the building had been completely cleaned and renovated…all 16,000 square feet.

The Ogallala realty scene is mostly a flat-line except for a few truly outstanding properties like the Old Brule School. The school is an historical building in the area but the owners of the building don’t have to abide by any special historical codes to build in the structure. This was one of the reasons why John and Jennifer purchased the building originally. They wanted to be able to be creative with the interior design and they didn’t want to have to abide by a lot of restrictive codes.

For people who are looking at purchasing a property close to Lake McConaughy, the old school building is perfect. In fact, for those who would enjoy offering hospitality in the form of a bed and breakfast, AirBnB property, or anything related to tourism at Lake McConaughy, the building is ideally located. Brule is only about 20 minutes from Lake McConaughy. Real estate in this area is perfect for capturing tourist business as visitors make their way through to the lake.

Most of the rooms in the school measure about 20’x30’. John and Jennifer left the structure of the building intact and built additional walls and décor within these rooms, but a new owner could completely change the appearance and design of the building with ease. The structure and foundation of the old school is in excellent condition. The building has no major issues, but it does need new owners to move in and take care of it! John and Jennifer have been world travelers and digital nomads for the past decade and they finally decided to relocate and live majority of their time in Mexico. So the school needs a new owner! And as far as houses for sale in Nebraska, it’s a steal! John and Jennifer are motivated sellers who are ready to move forward with their lives in Mexico!