Lake McConaughy realty is sold using the same system wherein there is only one real estate agent.

In Colorado, when you find a realtor you’re comfortable working with, that real estate agent can gain access to any property listed in the MLS system. Throughout most of the United States, the MLS system is used by the buyer’s real estate agent to gain access to properties that interest prospective buyers. The seller’s real estate agent steps forward only when a buyer expresses interest in the purchase of a property they represent. But in Ogallala, properties aren’t listed in the MLS system. To see a particular property, you have to contact the agent who’s listing the property. To buy property in Ogallala, you’ll need to contact each realtor that represents each property that interests you. And to find those properties in the first place, you’ll have to shop on clunky web sites for properties that are poorly represented in photos and descriptors.

Often, when you contact Ogallala realtors, they’ll take several days to get back to you or they won’t call you back at all. I suspect that this has to do with a lack of competition among realtors in Ogallala because there is no buyer-agent/seller-agent set up like there is in most cities across the United States.

As a For Sale By Owner properties in Ogallala (well Brule, actually), the old school building can be sold using a more creative approach that bypasses the weirdness of the Ogallala realty scene. A private showing can be scheduled for prospective buyers and then, if you’re interested in buying, we’ll schedule a call with you and John will discuss owner financing options with you. We have a lawyer in Ogallala who will make the process and any financing obligations legal and binding.