Cool Ogallala, NE Real Estate For Sale: Old Public School Building Needs New Owners!

You may not see it on Ogallala realtors’ sites, but the old public school building in Brule, NE is available for sale! We’re selling it as a For Sale By Owner property in Brule, NE, a small town located along Interstate-80 about 7 minutes from Ogallala. There are lots of Ogallala homes for sale, but a lot of people are looking closely at property in Brule because Brule is just as close to Walmart as the houses in Ogallala, but Brule housing offers a quieter environment where parents can choose to send their kids to Ogallala or Big Springs schools, depending on their tastes. The bus parks right at the edge of the property in Brule to pick kids up and take them to either Ogallala or Big Springs!

The school sits on 5 city lots and it’s fenced in on all sides except on the north where there are some evergreen trees growing and a large site that’s ready for the construction of outbuildings (if the new owners so desires). Living in the school has the potential to be a private existence, but it still has the benefits of being surrounded by friendly neighbors.

Brule sits just 2 hours and 50 minutes from Denver which means that you could do a day-trip to the big city without issue to do some shopping if you’d like. Because Brule is such a small town, there are no traffic lights or any traffic issues at all really, so it’s easy to get in the car and head toward Denver. Brule is well connected to both Denver and Omaha. More and more people from Denver and other front range communities are looking in Ogallala to find out what’s for sale. Ogallala is a lot cheaper than Denver and other big cities in Colorado in terms of cost of living, so it makes sense. The property for sale in Ogallala is a lot more affordable than anything you can find along the front range in cities like Colorado Springs or Denver. And in addition to boasting a lower cost of living, Ogallala and Brule also offer a different lifestyle to people who are sick of sitting in traffic all day. Life moves slower in these areas, but as more people from Colorado move into the area, business opportunities are definitely picking up.

The architecture in Ogallala is pretty dull, but there are a few buildings in the area that are still eye-catching and fun to look at. The old school building in Brule happens to be one them. It’s a historic building, but despite this, it hasn’t been placed on the Historic Register so the new owners can design the interior and exterior spaces creatively without having to adhere to any codes or regulations. The school is surrounded by a beautiful setting that’s contemplative and isolated, yet surrounded on all sides by neighbors (across wide, tree-lined streets). For prospective buyers who are looking for a property that has lots of potential in terms of business and how it presents to the public, the old school is ideal.