One of the Most Unique Houses for Sale in Nebraska

About 7 minutes from Ogallala, at the edge of the small town of Brule is an old public school building that’s been renovated into a house on its bottom level and second floor. The building is 3 stories tall with 16,000 square feet of possibilities waiting to blossom. Surrounding the school are mature trees and a fenced in space paved by sidewalks that lead under florid branches. A backyard is hemmed on one side by a row of lilac bushes that offer fragrant blooms each year. Twenty feet from the house is a privately fenced garden filled with fruit trees that provide yearly cherries, gooseberries, raspberries, pears, and plums. The property sits on 5 city blocks.

Among the other homes for sale in Nebraska, the old school in Brule is one of the most unique. The interior was decorated creatively and comes complete with a Catty Corner, an area behind a circular window with slanted seating areas, (the perfect place for pets to sit and sun themselves). Arched and slanted doorways add a dramatic flair to the interior spaces. The entrance foyer on the east side of the building under the large marble facade is welcoming and interesting at the same time.

Of all the home on the Ogallala, NE real estate market, this public school building doesn’t fail to wow people. A large family can live in the basement where most of the dwelling spaces are, but upstairs there’s a second apartment that sleeps up to 8 people. This second apartment has 2 loft spaces with bedding for up to 3 people.

Upstairs, on third floor, there’s a dance studio with hardwood floors and a mirrored wall as well as a climbing wall in a separate space. The school is the perfect home for families. The bus picks kids up right outside the property, beyond a privately fenced area that comes complete with a 20’ pergola that even has landscape lighting with colors that can easily be changed with a remote control. There are plenty of beautifully landscaped spaces for kids to play and a huge yard for dogs or pets to enjoy as well.

There are plenty of homes for sale in Ogallala, but few have the business/income potential of the old school in Brule. With the new Walmart situated only about 7 minutes from the school in Brule, this small town seems closer than ever to Ogallala. The other houses for sale in Ogallala aren’t any closer to the big businesses along I-80 than the houses in Brule. But a building like the old school in Brule allows people to be connected to the major hub of business activity (Walmart, Shopko, etc.) but because the school is located on a large private piece of land in a small town, it’s very private and quiet. In Ogallala, homes for sale tend to be situated close to each other and have little privacy in comparison. One of the biggest benefits of living in the old school is that it’s surrounded by privacy fencing and issues like loud music or barking dogs are hard to hear inside the school. The owners get to enjoy all the amenities of bigger city living while also enjoying the quiet solitude of a rural existence.