Ogallala, NE Real Estate For Sale: Consider the Business Opportunity of Purchasing an Old Public School Building

The business possibilities are endless for the old school building in Brule. While there are tons of Ogallala houses for sale, the school building is both a place to live and a place to run a thriving business. A lot of people these days like to work out of their homes and the school is a set-up that would allow that kind of work situation. Previous owners rented out space to businesses who had offices in the building. And there are a number of very large (30’x20’) empty rooms that could easily be converted into apartments. There’s a need for rental spaces in the Ogallala area, particularly Brule as new businesses have begun springing up along I-80, only 6 or 7 minutes from the school.

While there are a number of homes for sale in Brule, NE, it’s hard for renters to find a place to live there which is unfortunately. Brule is the perfect small town for renters who need to commute to Ogallala for work. People who work at the new Walmart or the hotels that have sprung up along the interstate don’t always want to purchase property. So, building additional apartments into the school building would be a viable investment for the right owner.

A lot of people who are working at new businesses in Ogallala want to live in Brule so that their kids can go to South Platte Public Schools. South Platte is a much smaller school with only about 5 to 10 kids per class. As a result, kids get more personal attention and students get to participate in more activities. Though there are drug problems everywhere, South Platte students encounter fewer opportunities to do drugs than Ogallala students. In South Platte, parents are assured more personalized attention for their kids than in Ogallala. So, people avoid shopping for Ogallala real estate and instead look exclusively for homes for sale in Brule, NE.

As far as teaching classes out of the old school building, John and Jennifer never had trouble drawing students from Ogallala and the surrounding areas. In fact, students came from as far away as Imperial for classes each week. While Brule is a tiny town, people in this area of Nebraska and Eastern Colorado are used to traveling long distances by car to get what they need. North Platte is a common destination for people who need home improvement items, for example. A trip to North Platte is about 45 minutes from Brule. So, although Brule is a small city, the school itself was a hub of activity for people coming from Julesburg, Ogallala, Grant, Imperial, Arthur, Lemoyne, and a variety of other surrounding communities. Drawing customers from these areas isn’t difficult with the right marketing.

The haunted attraction in Brule drew 3,000-4,000 patrons each year from all over the world. The small town atmosphere is idyllic and patrons could see that and enjoyed it. From 3rd floor, the old school overlooks the entire community in all directions with a view of an open field and miles and miles of plains on one side. By capitalizing on the idyllic location of the school and inviting people into an interesting and welcoming space, John and Jennifer were able to build several thriving businesses in this building over the course of only a decade.

About 12 years ago, a restaurant operated out of the bottom level of the Brule public school building. The owner of the restaurant gave up on realty in Ogallala, Ne and rented space in the school instead. She did well operating a restaurant out of the building, but the owners at that time moved away and the restaurant had to move. People enjoyed driving from Ogallala to eat dinner at a place as unique as the old school in Brule.

If you’re looking at Ogallala real estate, consider looking at Brule real estate too. There are tons of business opportunities in Brule for people who want to capitalize on an idyllic small town environment to market and invite customers into their business.