Lake McConaughy Real Estate and Business Opportunity

Lake McConaughy is the biggest tourist destination in western Nebraska. Thousands of tourists visit Ogallala each year to have fun at Lake McConaughy and all of these tourists drive past Brule, NE on their way to the lake. The old school building in Brule has been functioning as the site of several businesses over the past decade including a martial arts, dance, and gymnastics school and a Halloween event headquarters for a haunted attraction that involved the whole city of Brule. In 2016, John and Jennifer also built an additional apartment into the school building for use as an AirBnB rental for Lake McConaughy tourists. The property rented for about $60/night, but the rate could be increased over time and with good ratings on AirBnB.

The old school building sits on 5 city lots which means there’s plenty of room for parking. A person could run a tourism business that rents ATV’s, boats, or jet skis from the school in Brule. Inside the school, there’s already an apartment on 2nd floor that was designed specifically for guests who are visiting Lake McConaughy. For owners who don’t intend to live in the school, there are 4 large rooms on the first floor that could be converted into their own apartments with just a few small changes to the furnishings. On second and third floor, the number of rentable spaces is only limited by the new owner’s design and desires.

Brule is primarily a farming community and while the people who live there see their lives as normal or even mundane, the right person could definitely capitalize on the unique culture in the area by offering farm tours in the Brule and Ogallala area. The school would make an excellent headquarters for something like this because it’s surrounded on all sides by mature trees including a small garden/orchard in the southwest corner of the property. Visitors to Lake McConaughy may be interested in taking tours of some of the farms in the area particularly during wheat and corn harvest or during other times of the year when there are specific and interesting farm and ranch activities taking place.

For people who are looking to escape from the rat race for a few days or to start a whole new life, it makes sense to explore cabins or small houses available in the Lake McConaughy real estate market. Living at or near the lake gives people the opportunity to be a part of a bustling tourist community. And for people who are interested in owning and operating a business of their own from a property that would allow them to live and work out of the same building, the school building opens up a large variety of possibilities and for a price that’s comparable to the cost of one of the moderately sized Lake McConaughy properties or Ogallala properties for sale.